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Improving Patient Outcomes by Enhancing Tissue Visualization


Our Story

After finishing surgery late one evening, Dr. Doyle shared with colleagues her concern about the amount of scar tissue and anatomical distortion she had encountered during several of her recent surgeries.  Although Dr. Doyle could see the surface topography of the anatomy, she was unable to see what lay in or underneath the tissue.  Nor was she able to feel the tissue as these were robotic surgeries that lack haptic feedback.   Her colleagues shared similar concerns and frustrations regarding the lack of haptics and wanting more visual information during robotic surgical procedures.  This unmet need drove Dr. Doyle to seek a solution.  


EndoGlow's team has spent years researching different chemistries, materials and formulations to produce the desired fluorescent technology.  The result of this research is our Tissue Reveal Technology (TRT).  TRT allows the surgical team to see tissue depth and quality, it highlights surgical planes while exposing anomalies under the surface of the tissue.   This reveals the true value of Tissue Reveal Technology; the ability to give the surgeon visual information that is not otherwise available.

"Our vision was to solve the common problem of visualizing basic anatomical features below the surface and reducing patient risk during surgery.”

-Dr. Paula Doyle, CMO EndoGlow

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