Future Products

EndoGlow has an innovative product roadmap that will incorporate Tissue Reveal Technology to improve a number of surgical procedures.  Not all of our projects are listed below due to the proprietary nature of the design and release process.  For more information interested parties can contact EndoGlow for a confidential meeting.

The GreenEgg is currently only available in a 30 mm diameter design.  We have received inquiries about the availability of different sizes.   If you have a specific size request let us know using the link below.

GreenStent is used during surgeries repairing pelvic organ prolapse, for example  Sacrocolpopexy (sacral colpopexy).    There are multiple benefits to the shape and design of the GreenStent.  Incorporating Tissue Reveal Technology , GreenStent fluoresces under near infrared (NIR) imaging.  This allows for trans-illumination of the tissue during surgery.   The ability to back-light the tissue aids in bladder dissection, detection of subsurface vessels and more efficiently signals an incidental vaginotomy.  Inquire below to learn more about the GreenStent:

OEM Licensing

EndoGlow is working with Medical Device manufacturers to utilize Tissue Reveal Technology with their product(s). If you are a medical device OEM that would like to add Tissue Reveal Technology to you product, contact EndoGlow about licensing and design services.

Manufacturing Inspection Station

EndoGlow's manufacturing inspection station ensures that quality and performance is maintained on medical devices that are licensing EndoGlow's  Tissue Reveal Technology.  EndoGlow tailors the inspection station to facilitate any unique requirements that each OEM may have. 

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