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Announcing the GreenEgg™

fluorescent surgical manipulator.

The GreenEgg provides fluorescent transillumination throughout the surgery.


Fluorescent transillumination enhances surgical visualization enabling surgeons to make more informed clinical decisions.

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Designed for Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeries*.

*If your system can see ICG, then it can see the GreenEgg™!

Used during Gynecologic, Urologic and Colorectal Surgeries.

Clinical Evidence

Laparoscopic Paravaginal Repair with Fluorescent Vaginal Transillumination

D.N. Carr MD, P.L. Rosenblatt MD,  N. Jenkins MD

CONCLUSION: Use of the near-infrared technology assists in tissue plane distinguishment between the vagina and bladder in the retropubic space. This technique allows for a more medial placement of suture material on the vagina, thereby facilitating a more durable repair with better anatomic support. This technology has the potential to aid surgeons in making decisions, particularly in cases where discerning between tissue planes proves challenging.


Near Infrared Fluorescence During Minimally Invasive Sacrocolpopexy: A Pilot Study

Dr. Joseph Panza, Dr. Diego Hernandez, Dr. Ashley Gubbels, Dr. Jenifer Byrnes

CONCLUSION: Fluorescent vaginal/rectal manipulators transilluminated the tissue allowing for more real time visual information and better surgical decision making; in addition, it increased communication between surgical teacher and learner as anatomic borders and surgical planes were highlighted with the fluorescence.

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