Tissue Reveal Technology

Improving Outcomes by Enhancing Tissue Visualization


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The GreenEgg™ is a disposable device used for manipulation and visualization in applications such as colorectal, vaginal or intestinal surgery.  The GreenEgg incorporates Tissue Reveal Technology™ that fluoresces under near infrared light to provide enhanced tissue feedback during surgery.

Future Products

In addition to different versions of the GreenEgg™, EndoGlow is applying Tissue Reveal Technology™ to a range of new products and medical devices.  Learn more about our innovation pipeline and licensing opportunities.  


“Using EndoGlow devices increases my confidence in properly identifying anatomic landmarks and tissue layers during robotic surgeries.  This increased confidence level translates to better patient outcomes.”

- Dr. Paula Doyle, EndoGlow Chief Medical Officer


About Us

Improving Patient Outcomes One Surgery At A Time

EndoGlow designs and manufactures fluorescent medical devices used to enhance visualization during minimally invasive surgeries. 

The need for more visual information to improve real time decision making inspired the creation of EndoGlow’s fluorescence based technology,   Tissue Reveal Technology™.  EndoGlow’s  cutting-edge technology was created out of real world robotic surgical experience, designed by surgeons for surgeons.     

EndoGlow’s fluorescent medical devices trans-illuminate tissues in order to visualize subsurface pathology, surgical planes and relative tissue depth. 


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