30mm diameter

The GreenEgg is a Class 1 medical device used for manipulation and visualization of tissues during fluorescence assisted minimally invasive surgeries.  

The GreenEgg is used in Gynecologic, Urologic, and Colorectal surgeries.  The GreenEgg manipulates the rectum and/or vagina for better anatomical exposure during surgery.  

How does the GreenEgg work?


In visible light mode (Near Infra-Red / NIR disabled), the Green Egg™ is used to hold, manipulate and probe during minimally invasive surgery procedures.


EndoGlow surgical devices incorporate Tissue Reveal Technology™ and will fluoresce when placed under near infrared (NIR) light.   

With NIR imaging enabled, GreenEgg™  fluoresces, enhancing identification of anatomical structures and tissue layers.

Note:  Laparoscopic  and Surgical Robotic equipment that are equipped with NIR imaging capabilities to work with ICG dyes will also work with EndoGlow’s Tissue Reveal Technology™.  An example  of a compatible system is the daVinci™ from Intuitive Surgical.  Contact EndoGlow for questions regarding other compatible systems


Move slider below to see difference in visible and NIR images 

The combination of visible and NIR images provides surgeons more information to make decisions with.

"Anything that makes anatomy 'pop' really makes dissection easier and I 100% believe it is harder to injure something you actually see."

- Marc Eigg, MD, FACOG, Director of Urogynecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery for West Ridge Obstetrics & Gynecology, LLP


The GreenEgg is a manipulator that trans-illuminates the rectum or vagina.  This is beneficial with identification of subsurface pathology such as endometriosis or identifying scar tissue during a bladder dissection.

Tissue Reveal Technology enabled products such as the GreenEgg trans-illuminate tissue during rectal or vaginal surgeries.  This is beneficial with identification of subsurface pathology such as endometriosis or identifying scar tissue during a bladder dissection.


In urological surgeries such as radical prostatectomies or cystectomies, back lighting the vagina or rectum, enhances anatomic borders.   The fluorescence promotes the sensation of relative tissue depth during robotic minimally invasive surgeries.  Both aspects have been beneficial when educating surgical learners to operative techniques. 


Rectal cancer can distort anatomy.  By utilizing the GreenEgg rectal manipulator to  trans-illuminate tissue, surgeons can view the natural borders of the rectum, identify any intra-rectal pathology and illuminate gaps in an anastomosis.


Power Free Florescence

Without power cords or batteries, the GreenEgg™ fluoresces when energized by surgical imaging systems that have fluorescence imaging modes (NIR cameras and illumination).   

Injection Free Florescence

The GreenEgg™ provides localized fluorescence without the need to mix or inject ICG.

Injection Compatible Fluorescence

The GreenEgg™ can provide fluorescence by itself and can also be used in conjunction with intravenous ICG and other systemic dyes.

Fluorescence Without Time Limits 

The GreenEgg™ provides fluorescence  throughout the surgery without time restrictions. (Injected ICG is only effective within a short time window before it saturates the image).

Iodine Free Fluorescence

The GreenEgg™ provides fluorescence without the use of iodine and can be used in iodine allergic patients.

Individually Sterilized

The GreenEgg™ is individually packaged and sterilized, making the GreenEgg™ available on demand with maximum repeatable fluorescence each time.

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