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Tissue Reveal Technology

Innovations in Fluorescence


Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by enhancing tissue visualization.    We accomplish this mission via an innovation pipeline of products and patents.  


Our approach is focused around ways to improve imaging during minimally invasive surgeries using fluorescence and near infrared imaging.  With more information comes the opportunity to reduce risk, procedure times and costs.  

Our patent information is provided to satisfy the notice requirement for the virtual patent marking provision of the America Invents Act.

The following list of EndoGlow products is not all inclusive.   Products in our development roadmap that are not listed here may also be protected by one or more patents.

GreenEgg Flourescent Manipulator.png

The GreenEgg™ is covered by the following patents:



Part Number(s):



US: 11,957,314 B2

EU: EP3582674B1

China: CN110582222B

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