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Tissue Reveal Technology

Improving Outcomes by Enhancing Tissue Visualization

EndoGlow manufactures fluorescent medical devices used during minimally invasive surgeries (MIS).  Incorporating Tissue Reveal Technology polymer, our devices fluoresce, providing trans-illumination to enhance tissue visualization.  

Designed for Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeries

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The GreenEgg™ fluorescence is used to transilluminate tissue, revealing sub-surface pathology, anatomical borders, tissue thickness and more.

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Fluorescence Without ICG

EndoGlow products are built with embedded dye-free fluorescence.  By utilizing fluorescent surgical devices, surgeons don't have to worry about the planning associated with injecting fluorescent dyes.

“Using EndoGlow devices increases my confidence in properly identifying anatomic landmarks and tissue layers during robotic surgeries.  This increased confidence level translates to better patient outcomes.”

- Dr. Paula Doyle, EndoGlow Chief Medical Officer

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Unlimited Fluorescence

EndoGlow products provide a clean fluorescence that doesn't leak into the rest of the image or dissipate.   Fluorescence can be used throughout the surgery on-demand without time restrictions. 

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